Hopefully I’m Better At Sticking To This Then C.F. Kane Was

Y’all remember the bit in Citizen Kane where Kane sets out to be a crusading journalist and publishes a ‘Statement of Principles?’ regarding how he’s going to run his newspaper? This piece here is my nod to that great movie, and that scene, although hopefully without the foreshadowing and irony. 

A few years ago, I used to write a blog. It was a general mish-mash of politics, movies, books, and stupid jokes. Some of the political articles were knee-jerk reactions to immediate events and were maybe a bit more strident and lacking in nuance than was absolutely necessary.

What with one thing and another, I stopped updating it and let it slide (further) into irrelevance. A while back, my father told me that he always enjoyed reading the stuff I wrote and that I should pick it back up. I’ve had a couple of people(chief among them my wife, Kate) since then echo him and I figured it couldn’t hurt.

I can always use a new hobby and if I put a little thought and care into this instead just winging it out there, who knows what will happen to it. I figure I can still maunder on about books and movies like I usually do, and about cooking, which is another hobby I’ve picked up in the last year or two, and general life stuff.

I think I might steer clear of politics as far as ‘current events’ goes because those posts, by their very nature, quickly become dated. And because they have a tendency to cause people to get shouty. If/when I do write about politics, I’m going to try and limit it to a ‘foundational principles’ sort of perspective – because that’s what’s important, not the knee-jerk response to a specific event. And because there are more important things in life than being mad at whoever happens to be President for doing/not doing whatever the hell it is he’s done/not done.

I’m shooting to update this at least once a week, hopefully more. The title won’t ever change, but the stinger underneath will, depending on what it is I’m writing about at any given time. This week’s is a quote from Archer that seemed apropos when I couldn’t think of anything to put there. Feel free to leave a comment about how brilliant I am or, alternatively, detailing my various spiritual and moral failings but do me a favor and try to keep the language PG-13-ish. My mother might read this and she’s a God-fearing lady who doesn’t like bad language. Plus I’d probably wind up having to explain some of it and that’s just awkward.


One thought on “Hopefully I’m Better At Sticking To This Then C.F. Kane Was

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